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Ms. Bailey

Mrs. Bailey’s Class - FAQs for Parents


How can I stay informed?

1. Check this webpage for general directions.

2 .Check your child’s school planner for assignments and due dates.

3. Have your child log into his/her Google Drive school account so you can see work in progress, calendars, etc.

4. Check Powergrade regularly for updates to current grades.

Questions?  My email address is


What materials are needed in class and for homework?

In each student's backpack to be brought to class every day:  A two-pocket folder, a college-ruled spiral, pens, pencils, eraser, highlighters, colored pencils, colored pens/markers, Creating America workbook..

Plus, at home:  A computer device with internet access, and Creating America textbook.


Is there homework?

Yes!  Expect homework any day from Monday-Thursday.  It may range from 10 minutes to ½ hour or so for students who stay on track and do homework regularly.  I try my best to NOT give homework over the weekend, although students may have to use that time to catch up.  I also try my best to NOT collect homework/projects and/or give tests on Mondays.


What kind of classwork/homework will be expected?

Anything and everything!  Folder checks, worksheets/graphic organizers, note taking, vocabulary, timelines, geography (maps), academic discussion, reading, writing, projects, presentations, group work,  debates, research, etc.  We will be working on learning American history along with developing our academic and technology skills for success.


How are trimester grades determined?

Students earn points/credit through folder checks, assignments, projects, tests, and class work/participation.




How can students improve their grades?

Students MAY RETAKE TESTS for a better test grade (up to a B) and I do give extra credit from time to time.  

Students may re-do some homework, but they need to request to do so.

Contact me at: or (310) 973-1300 ext. 56002
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   FAQs are in the box to the left.

   Have your child show you his/her school planner.

   Have your child show you his/her Google Drive and Google Classroom accountswhich will have our calendar.

    Check PowerGrade for updates.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns/questions at