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Helping Hands

Northrop Helping Hands (volunteers)
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Trip to Northrop Grumman's Fab Lab
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We are looking for donations!

The hands need parts.  We need help buying the parts and are looking for donations for:

Description Qty Per Hand Part Number Manufactuer Source
2 inch one piece Velcro, 75ft roll 18 94905K73 McMasterCarr McMasterCarr
Closed cell medical foam pad 1/8x6x72   081184704 Patterson Medical Amazon
Micro Gel finger tips size 3 5 S61030 Lee Tippi Amazon
500M 100lb super Dyneema Strong Braided Fishing line   ASIN: B009661Y72   Amazon
Zortrax Filament Green   10533 Zortrax Amazon
Zortrax Filament Red   10537 Zortrax Amazon
Zortrax Filament Blue   10531 Zortrax Amazon
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